Top 10 Pitchers for 2009

November 18, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

These are the Top 10 pitchers for 2009 based on fantasy point scoring.

1. Zack Greinke  799 points  16 W | 2.16 ERA  |220 IP | 1.073 WHIP | 220 Ks

If you would have said Greinke would be the top pitcher before the start of the year most people would have said who?  Sure fantasy players knew his name, and he had a decent season the year before, but nobody would have predicted numbers like this.
2. Roy Halladay  779 points

The “Doc” is consistent as ever. You can pretty much count on him for 700+ points, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on a new team next season.
3. Tim Lincecum 775 points

Three straight years of improvement in WHIP, hit rate, walk rate and homer rate… now should be thought of as the #1 pitcher in fantasy baseball.

4. Justin Verlander 765 points

A nice bounce back season for Verlander. He has some of the best stuff in baseball, and should be able to have many more seasons like this.

5. Felix Hernandez 754 points

King Felix finally delivered on the promise of his talent. Finishes 2nd in the Cy-Young voting after a very nice season for the M’s
6. (tie) Javier Vazquez  706 points

6. (tie) Adam Wainwright 706 points

Wainwright had a very nice season.  Got off to a slow start, but was pretty much lights out after May 10th.
7. Dan Haren  699 points

Another season and another 2nd half slide.  Pre All-Star break Haren had 2.01 ERA, with a .081 WHIP, 8.06 K/BB, and 8.9 K/9. Post all star the stats dipped toa 4.62 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 4.27 K/BB, and 8.5 K/9.  Not terrible but not what you expect from Haren.  With the K/9 still being above 8 it seems like Haren just wasn’t as sharp with his control.

8. CC Sabathia 693 points

CC is an absolute workhorse. His 230 IP last season are down from his last couple seasons of 252, and 241.  He will go out and eat a lot of innings, when he is not eating cheeseburgers.

9. Josh Beckett 663 points

Beckett bounced back from some injuries in 2008 to have another nice season in 2009. He got back above 200 IP, had 199Ks, and 17 Wins. Beckett will be back with the Sox in ’10 as his $12 millon option was vested last season. It’s very possible he puts up some very big numbers this year looking for a big payday.

10. Chris Carpenter 647 points

Comeback player of the year, this guy is healthy and back to his dominant self.